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Adobe integrates Firefly AI into Substance 3D for game devs
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

Adobe announced the incorporation of Firefly-powered generative AI features into Adobe Substance 3D design and creative workflows. This marks the first integration of Adobe's popular Firefly generative AI models into its Substance 3D ecosystem, heralding a new age of creative potential and efficiency for industrial designers, game developers and VFX professionals.

The integration is hoped to speed up creative and iterative processes in fields including 3D texturing and background image generation. The innovative upgrades to Substance 3D bring two novel Firefly-powered features into the mix. Firstly, the "Text to Texture" feature of Substance 3D Sampler allows creators to generate stunningly realistic or stylised textures from straightforward text prompts. No longer will there be a need for physical prototypes, stock imagery or manual photography.

Secondly, the "Generative Background" feature of Substance 3D Stager enables users to construct detailed background images from text prompts. It also allows for the seamless compositing of objects into scenes with matched perspective and lighting. Together, these enhancements aim to significantly accelerate the creative review process, rendering professional design workflows more productive and efficient while saving considerable time.

Sebastien Deguy, Vice President, 3D & Immersive at Adobe, commented on the company's innovative drive. He stated that, "By integrating Firefly's generative AI capabilities into Substance 3D, we're not just streamlining the creative process – we're unlocking new realms of creative possibility with new generative workflows designed to unlock human imagination, not replace it."

The benefits to industrial designers, gaming and VFX professionals are clear, with quicker ideation, greater creative freedom, and the capacity to generate high-quality, realistic textures and environments in less time and at reduced costs. Additionally, marketing professionals and content creators will appreciate these features for creating high-end visuals and animations to enhance brand presentations and storytelling.

Moreover, Adobe's Firefly feature inherently adds 'Content Credentials' to assets derived or edited using Firefly, signalling that generative AI was employed in the creative process. These content credentials serve as a digital record, indicating details like the asset's name, its creation date, the digital tools employed, and any edits along the journey. Powered by the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity's open-source technology, these credentials bring transparency to digital content and provide consumers with the context they need to make informed decisions on digital content.

Beta versions of Substance 3D Sampler 4.4 and Stager 3.0, featuring the new Text to Texture and Generative Background features were demonstrated at the GDC 2024 event and will be available to all Substance 3D customers from March 18. These updates exemplify Adobe's consistent endeavour to push digital creativity's limits and meet designers and artists' evolving needs worldwide.