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Opera boosts AI-centric 'Opera One' browser with superior features
Mon, 11th Mar 2024

Opera, the Norwegian browser company, is all set to invigorate Opera One—its premier AI-centric browser—with a slew of additional features. This initiative is the latest effort in the company's constant pursuit of trailblazing browser innovation, laying the groundwork for a radical overhaul of the current online experience.

Opera One sets itself apart from competitor browsers by being the first of the company’s offerings to come with a built-in browser AI that escalates the quality of web browsing without the requirement for extra paid services or extensions. The browser has been skilfully restructured from the bottom up, signalling the inception of an era of AI-centric browsing. Aria, the native AI integrated within Opera One, can be accessed through the command line and the browser sidebar. Aria offers cost-free entry to an avant-garde GPT-based solution in conjunction with real-time web data, thereby boosting user productivity while enabling a creative interactive relationship with the browser AI. It allows users to train it in their distinct style of writing, further personalising the user experience.

To propel the Opera One user experience even further, the company is set to launch the AI Feature Drops initiative. This cutting-edge program aims to offer users the opportunity to test experimental, AI-based features bi-weekly, far ahead of other browser users. "AI is advancing fast, so are we. Through the AI Feature Drops Program, we are offering our users an opportunity to test our latest AI-based features, which may or may not be added to the official Opera One version. We are eagerly awaiting feedback and suggestions from our most engaged users," commented Krystian Kolondra, Executive Vice President at Opera.

In the early days of 2023, Opera took the initiative to recreate its flagship desktop browser, culminating in the birth of Opera One. It then moved on to integrate native AI features into Opera GX, its gamer-centric browser, and its primary mobile browsers on both Android and iOS. Opera foresees a future in which AI will assist users in performing more complex browser tasks, thus elevating their online experiences. The company has also expressed excitement at the prospect of introducing a genuine Opera One experience to iOS users, made possible by the European Union's Digital Markets Act.

In furtherance of its commitment to AI, the company announced the inauguration of a 100% green-energy-dependent AI cluster in Keflavik, Iceland, in February 2024. This new data centre, an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, is equipped with the latest NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. Working collectively, these act as an AI supercomputing cluster dedicated to servicing Opera’s AI workloads.