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Beatgrid reveals key insights from USD $18m ad-effectiveness studies
Thu, 1st Feb 2024

Beatgrid, a cross-media ad-effectiveness measurement platform, has shared revelatory advertising measurement data from 500+ global campaigns and over USD $18 million spent on studies. The company is preferred by high-profile corporations such as Google, Vevo, and Unilever for its delivery of precise, person-level measurement of reach, frequency, and brand lift. This invaluable data gives businesses the insight to optimise their advertising expenditure, ensuring their campaigns boast maximum impact and efficiency.

The service is a beacon for companies that seek to navigate the complexity of 'walled gardens' in advertising. Understanding cross-platform data comparisons within the same campaigns is a challenge in the industry. Traditional TV and AV measurement methods, especially, buckle under the complications. Beatgrid's unique offering is its 'single-source' methodology to optimise media investments and understand cross-media metrics, along with the impact of campaigns.

By levelling the playing field, Beatgrid provides an understandable, accurate insight into advertising for brand managers, marketers, and advertisers. This innovative platform essentially nullifies previously misleading metrics and industry jargon. In doing so, Beatgrid ensures that brands can maximise their return on investment through their advertising.

Beatgrid's recent USD $18 million analysis evidenced consumers' evolving viewing habits as they migrate across Digital, Linear, CTV, and Online video in pursuit of quality content. YouTube, particularly, emerged as a key player in attracting Gen Zs, while Linear TV continues to be significant to older demographics. Additionally, the increasing importance of CTV (BVOD+AVOD) is found to be the Linear TV of the future.

Campaigns that successfully amalgamated TV and CTV, with the strategic inclusion of YouTube, yielded an impressive 65% incremental reach on the online video platform. This approach attracted younger audiences and simultaneously increased the brand lift, providing a detailed understanding of incremental reach across diverse demographic segments.

Terrie Brennan, Chief Commercial Officer at Beatgrid, supports the distinctive approach of the company. She highlights that Beatgrid's unique deduplicated Reach and Frequency and Brand Lift strategy provides advertisers and agencies with the ability to optimise the accuracy of ads and allocate budgets effectively across various industries.

Terrie Brennan stated, "Beatgrid's unique deduplicated Reach and Frequency and Brand Lift approach empowers advertisers and agencies to optimise ad accuracy and budget allocation across industries. Our data reveals YouTube's exceptional incremental reach among younger audiences in 500+ global campaigns, complementing TV and CTV strengths."

Daniel Tjondronegoro, CEO of Beatgrid, highlighted the company's mission to revolutionise advertising measurement by prioritising sustainability: "Beatgrid is changing the status quo in advertising measurement by making sustainability a core principle in our mission. Our Single-Source measurement connects advertisers and consumers in a transparent and green advertising ecosystem. Supported by insights from over 500 global campaigns, Beatgrid is not just measuring advertising; it's inspiring a greener, more accountable future."

Dedicated to transforming the realm of cross-media measurement effectiveness, Beatgrid continues to lead the way with its innovative and effective advertising measurement services.